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Photobucket A-gos-to de Deus 2010! (27.08.2010) Hehehe! Me casei! E meu blog completou um ano! Entao, meu nome e Mariana Ava, tenho 23 anos e moro em New York. Meu noivo(hoje marido), o americano-italiano-croata, Richard, me pediu em casamento dia 23 de Dezembro de 2009. Começamos a planejar o nosso casamento em Janeiro de 2010... Um ESTRESS sem fim! Hahaha! Tirando essa parte, planejar um casamento é maravilhoso. Agora, planejar um casamento em New York, realmente, "nao tem preço "... pois é muito caro!Mas com muito esforço e dedicação, consegui realizá-lo! Tudo deu muito certo! Graças à Deus! :) Beijos a todos! Mwah!

Monday, March 29, 2010

so pra descontrair...

CULTURA      INUTIL util:  Mas ...de  onde  essas   tradicoes  surgiram?

So where does the word wedding come from? Well, allegedly, it is derived from the word "wedd," which meant that a man would marry a woman and then pay the bride's father. Let me repeat that. The Groom would PAY the bride's father so that he could marry her! So basically, us females were being bought and sold between the two men that supposedly loved us most;our dad and our future husbands. I wonder how much a good women went for in those days. Something tells me they didn't take American Express for these transactions. (Ja pensou se a moda volta kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)

                                                       Tying the Knot
Next time you say you are "tying the knot," perhaps you will have more of an appreciation as to what that actually means. During the Roman Empire times, the Bride wore a girdle that was tied in knots. Before the couple consummated the marriage, the Groom would untie the knots on the girdle in order to undress his new Bride. So then, wouldn't it be called "untying the knot?" Im confused. Now if you have seen any old movies, you probably have noticed just how much time it takes to untie one of those girdles. A looong time. Ages. I guess this was considered to be their version of foreplay, since by the time that thing is untied; it could be well into their month of isolation from society.
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